10 Disadvantages of Google Glass, Google Glass project probably Lack In

Google Glass can be uttered as the one of the most finest and innovative upcoming technology. Google Glass is a gadget which defines a new era of technology. Google Glass is being developed by Google in Google X Lab. This revolutionary innovation of Google will be release up to the end of 2013. The innovative design of Google Glass is created by Babak Parviz who is a Electrical Engineer by his profession. Google Glass is a gadget which has a screen, a camera and a microphone with head mounted display; basically it can capture and sense whatever you want from it.

Besides from this there are some disadvantages or lacking which Google Glass is surely going to face.

google glass disadvantages

10 Disadvantages of Google Glass

  1. What comes first in the case of every Gadget to make it a benchmark product for company is it’s cost. The price of this gadget will be around $1500 according to a source. Other sources says that this benchmark from Google will be offered at the cost in between $300-$600. Isn’t it’s a matter of thinking, that such a innovative technology will be offer at low cost, if its $300-$600 then it’s fine but in our view the price is surely going to be high.
  2. A Smartphone can drive apps, can be used for gaming purposes, have different varieties, large range of affordable price and much more flexibility than this Glass, then what makes a sense to buy it.
  3. Google Glass does not seems to be a pocket friendly Device. Google Glass design makes it more complex to put it in your pocket or bag, as you do with any other existing gadget because of its sensitive design, so this could be one of the lacking issue.
  4. This product can’t be categorized in the category of the spy product, as you have to wear it on your eyes.
  5. Google Glass cannot be used by those people who already having some issue with their eyes and wears glasses in their daily routine.
  6. You cannot use these Google Glass while driving, as the picture, video or data will be in front of the eyes of the user, which can distract them.
  7. Google Glass can be easily broken as it is a sensitive device, after all it’s a glass not a bullet proof glass.
  8. Wearing it on your eyes can result in various biological issues. The images formed in the glass will be too close to our eyes which can harm the retina of your eyes.
  9. Common glass are even not wearable while Running, Dancing or similar activities. So would you expect that you can wear these sensitive glasses.
  10. It can be an obstacle regarding your private issues, I don’t think it going to be a worth as it can breech your privacy with its technology.

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  • August 16, 2013 at 5:14 pm

    yeah. most of your points are correct and worth thinking about.
    BTW, google will also be offering designer glasses, which include prescription glasses.


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